Friends are Family

“The Batman Lego Movie” Review

By Maria Beaini

“The Batman Lego Movie” is an entertaining experience. I have found the Lego movies very tedious and just another way to milk money out of people. However, this movie was better than expected. It was not a movie where the whole plot line was predictable, and it was quite entertaining with its very subtle jokes about real world problems or stereotypical teenage problems. It was also entertaining with its humor by making fun of cliche jokes. I would personally recommend you go and see it for yourself.

Batman, played by Bruce Wayne, has serious commitment issues. Every day after saving the city, again, he comes home and dwells on the loss of his parents. So, his butler adopts an orphan for him, and this orphan soon becomes his sidekick, Robin. After electing a new mayor of the city,  they declare that they don’t need Batman anymore, and they’re going to start using laws.

Batman finds his life becoming more and more pointless. The Joker goes to jail so there’s no crime no crime to fight, and the other superheroes such as Superman don’t care for him. So in order to prove his importance, he sends the Joker to the Phantom Zone, which is basically a jail in the clouds for villains. This is when the Joker releases all the bad guys back to earth with the help of Harley Quinn, and tries to blow up Gotham City. Through the whole movie, Batman tries to handle everything by himself in fear that he will hurt the people he has learned to love. At this point, he gets over his inner battle and teams up with the new mayor, Robin, and his butler to defeat the Joker. It ends with the city being whole again, and everything stays the way it was.


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