Student or Scholar?

Take a look at Legend’s newest scholarship nominees.

by Sarah Abureesh and Henley Holland

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the several students up for some very prestigious scholarships this year. And if you have, perhaps you are just curious to see what all the hype is about. Either way, it isn’t bad information to have.

So what exactly is the Boettcher Scholarship? It is an award that pays not only for full tuition for classes and textbooks, but laboratory, and other, special fees for the first four years of an individual’s education as well. Said awardee also receives up to $2,800 a year for a boarding and room stipend. Not to mention, the Boettcher Foundation will even pay for a year studying abroad, and the winners are given access to an extensive network of Boettcher alumni. What’s the catch? They have to go to a select, accredited, four-year Colorado undergraduate institution. The whole point of this scholarship is to keep the top high schoolers in Colorado.

“There is no reason not to apply, it’s a full ride and you might as well give yourself a chance at it,” senior Ansh Desai said, one of the considerations for this prestigious scholarship.

However, there is also the National Merit Scholarship. Remember when everyone had to take the PSAT? They did that to see if we could qualify for this scholarship program. Everyone is competing not only for a $2,500 scholarship to the school of their choice, but also for $500 – $2,000 stipends to the undergraduate college of their choice as well. Three of Legend’s seniors qualified for this: Ansh Desai, Nikki Vivek, and Josie Van Divier.


“Write a lot of touching stories for scholarship applications, it will definitely help,” senior Nikki Vivek said.

Overall, there is no reason to not apply for scholarships no matter who you are. After all, what could be wrong with joining these seniors who are possibly making their college experience that much easier?

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