The Pros and Cons to Binge Watching a Drama/Thriller Show

A binge watcher’s guide to binge watching.

By Maria Beaini

We all have that friend that binge watched a show and you hear them blab on and on about it and how much they love it, and you wonder, “Is it worth it?” This is a guideline to whether or not that show is worth watching.


If you find it exciting to be on the edge of your seat most of the time, and have a show that will entertain you for hours, then starting to watch a new thriller series is recommended. These shows offer an exciting atmosphere where you never want to stop watching it.

These shows have made their audiences so hooked that it’s almost painful, but a good painful, waiting for the next episode the next week. There is always something happening in these shows. With each episode as the show progresses, it continues to intrigue – there isn’t a dull moment.

Ever feel like not associating with anyone? These exhilarating shows are the perfect way to spend your day and nights.

Shows like this have a great connection to the youth, because these shows are relatable – so much so, that it feels like these crazy things could actually happen to oneself in real life. The suspense of these TV shows allows us the chance to live in a traumatizing threat without the direct effects, and is an exciting experience overall.


If you don’t love having anxiety through half of a 40-minute show, then dramas and thrillers are not for you. Certain shows can be exciting, but sometimes they go at such a fast pace it gets confusing and hard to absorb everything that is happening.

Another downside is that you will tend to eat…a lot. These shows often lead to emotional eating which is the act of excessively consuming many calories due to stress.

On the other hand, watching these shows can tend to be great, despite the explaining process being difficult and ridiculous, such as how Pretty Little Liars is about a girl that disappears for two years and comes back, only to find out the person who was torturing her and her friends was her transgender sister. Crazy, right? Confusing, but intriguing; it makes you want to know more.

Binge watching these shows take a toll on your life, and can be very controlling when it comes to other obligations. “I like binge watching shows, but sometimes I procrastinate on things like homework because of it,” sophomore Elizabeth Korhel said.  

Shows like this tend be repetitive, and always have the same trend of characters – a dumb character, a smart character, a neutral character, an LGBT+ character, and the character everyone hates. The reality of watching these shows is just wondering “What the…?” or “Why?” It’s could be quite stressful and dull, which brings us to the question:

“Is it worth it?”

In my opinion, watching these shows is an experience that is worth the pain. I find them to be intriguing and my eyes are always glued to the screen when I watch them. However, there is no wrong opinion on whether you take a liking to these types of shows or not, it just depends on whether it is worth it to you or not.


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