A Night of Surprises

The Grammy’s shock fans.

By Miranda House

The Grammy’s is an iconic moment for artists from all different music genres to come together to celebrate and praise each other’s work. It’s full of exciting performances, jaw-dropping outfits, and a range of emotions. This year, many shocking events took place, breeding lots of conversation, especially here at Legend.

The Grammy’s of 2017 has been acclaimed for having the most memorable performances, including Beyonce rocking the stage while showing off her pregnant belly, Adele with a wonderful tribute to George Michael, Lady Gaga taking on the stage with Metallica, Katy Perry, and several others.

Even with all the exciting performances, there was one special act of kindness that shook the whole room. Adele dominated, winning over five awards including album of the year, song of the year, record of the year, best pop vocal, and best pop solo performance.  When accepting her award, Adele became emotional, telling the audience that they had made a mistake. “I felt like it was her turn to win,” Adele said, gesturing to Beyonce. In that moment, she pulled a classic “Mean Girls stunt” and broke the award, giving half to the singer who was snubbed and overlooked in all the categories.

Many stated that the Grammy’s have been racist. It has caused a huge controversy, with many claiming that the reason Beyonce was overlooked was because of her racial background. Although many believe this case, the Grammy’s board came back stating, “We are unbiased to race, and simply decided that those who won, were fully deserving of the titles through their hard work and contribution to the music world.” Many students like sophomore Nikki Bernuy disagreed with the racist claim. “I think that Adele deserved to win those rewards, they both had a great year, but I don’t think race had anything to do with the awards,” Bernuy said.

This year’s Grammy’s has been claimed to have had the biggest red carpet yet. The most iconic part of the red carpet is the outfits. I asked several random students who watched the red carpet walk what outfit shocked them most.

“Gaga. Definitely Gaga. It shouldn’t have counted as an outfit,” sophomore Emilie Kang said. Another attention-grabbing outfit was Girl Crush’s hideous ball pit dress. “It was terrible, you just have to question everything about it,” sophomore Evelyn Hunter said. Another common response we got was Katy Perry. “We’re used to her crazy cute outfits, but her furry skirt was just bad,” sophomore Lauren Gay said.

There were many outfits that seemed to please many students at Legend. The two most popular dresses decided by Legend students were Beyoncé and Rihanna. “Beyoncé was stunning, in both her her performance and her evening wear,” senior Jai Smith said. Many others swooned over Rihanna’s two piece gown. “She looked like a queen. She is my life  goals,” sophomore Ciera Johnson said.

The award show was a blast, and Legend was full of conversation regarding the event. Many are simply excited about the music, and can’t wait to see what awaits in 2017.

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