2017 Promises To Be a Great Year of Film

10 movies that are must-see in 2017.

By Quinn McDowell and Caleb Stuart

10. Thor: Ragnarok


Marvel has made an expanded universe unlike any other. They have continued to make entertaining and intriguing movies that keep viewers interested in their continuing story. Thor: Ragnarok promises the return of Thor, the first time since his appearance in The Age of Ultron. For us this is a must see just to see what Marvel can throw at us to keep us interested in this evolving universe.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2


One more Marvel film (but not the last), Guardians of the Galaxy was a critically acclaimed movie that surprised everyone by its success. James Gunn returns to this story and will expand on the lore of each individual character and introduce new characters. The idea of the answers to questions we had in the first one will surely bring us back again.

8. The Dark Tower


Many do not know what this film is, but it has us excited anyway. It is the adaption to film of New York Times bestseller, Stephen King’s novel series. The series is the equivalent of a western acid trip and no other author could have made it as interesting as King. As fans of both King and westerns, we cannot leave this off of our list.

7. LEGO Batman


The LEGO Movie was another surprising success. LEGO Batman will be very much the same as The LEGO Movie. Good for all audiences and with jokes for all ages to enjoy, LEGO Batman is a must see for this upcoming year.

6. IT


Another Stephen King film, this is an adaption and a remake. Usually this would spell a disaster for the movie. However, with the recent creepy clown epidemic, this will be a movie that will entice many to go and see it.

5.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


In 2003, Disney stunned us all with its adaption of a ride into a successful blockbuster film. Over the years they have expanded the lore to the series and made three more exciting films. The last entry to this epic series promises the return of characters we haven’t seen lately, and a final adventure with the lovable Jack Sparrow. We are very excited to see what will happen in this film and will be counting down the days until its release.

4. Logan


Years after Wolverine leaves the X-men to live a life of solitude, he is brought back into violence. And this time, it’s very gruesome violence.  With an R-rating based on severe violence, we are very interested to see what Fox can show us with their second big-release R-rated film in the last two years. The last one was Deadpool and that was a stunning success; let’s see if they can do the same with Logan.

3. Justice League Part 1


DC has had a less-than-extravagant start to the building of their cinematic universe. With mixed reviews to both Suicide Squad and Man of Steel, and the utter disappointment that was Batman v. Superman, DC needs to prove themselves as worthy as Marvel soon. This is their chance to do that. However, they could do the same as their last films, and it could be a complete disaster. In any case, we will see the rise of DC or its fall into the sidelines. Either way, it will be very entertaining to see how this movie turns out.

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming


I’m not going to sugarcoat it, Sony ruined Spider-Man with their Amazing Spider-Man films. Now with their failure comes Marvel’s chance at success. Spider-Man is one of the most iconic super heroes and he deserves a great film. With him in the Marvel Universe and a very talented crew and director, we are wondering how well this can turn out. We hope Spider-Man can get a film deserving of his name.

1. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi


Star Wars has returned. With The Force Awakens and Rogue One there really cannot be any other movie at the top of the list.  Everyone was nervous about the last two movies in the franchise because of the track record of Star Wars.  With the success of the entries, The Last Jedi promises to be a great movie.  Also, did anyone else notice that the two titles make a complete sentence?  The Force awakens the last Jedi.

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