Who Runs This Town?

Chaparral runs this town.

By Maria Beaini

The players and coaches change, but the passion and intensity of rivalry games never goes away. A combination of pride in your side, as well as a healthy mix of hatred and respect for the other team fuels the excitement of the game of basketball. Rivalries are the life and blood of the sport. When it comes to our small town, the Chaparral game is the most anticipated game of the season. Everything we do as players is to prepare ourselves for the challenge, and the chance to represent our school as well as our town.

On Friday, Feb. 10, we added to that history, and got the chance to represent this town. Legend High School’s Lady Titans took on Chaparral. Although the starting five took exception to the pace of the game, knowing the importance of a win, the Titans fell behind late in the 3rd quarter. A wave of terrible offense on Legend’s part, as well as their inability to get back for transition defense, crashed down on us. The team had dug itself into a hole, and if they game had been five quarters instead of four, they might have been able to climb their way out from underneath the beatdown of Chaparral for a breath.


“I feel that we fought hard and that we did a good job at following our game plan for the first half, but a little less during the second half,” sophomore Kassie Rembisz said.

The first of the varsity double header was coming to an end and our Lady Titans were looking at yet another loss. The final was 55 to 27, Chaparral with the win.

This loss was a hard pill to swallow, and  was even sadder circumstances followed the game. It was senior night, and Feb. 10th marked the last night four girls basketball players would walk off the court.

“For me it was a bitter-sweet moment. I’m honored to have played at Legend for the past two years and i can’t wait to see what the future holds,” senior Katherine Houlihan said.

Tears pooled in everyone’s eyes as Houlihan and seniors Zoe Mihalicz, Lexi Hager, and Valda Edson made their way off the court after having been subbed out for the final time in their high school basketball career.

“I really enjoyed talking to [the seniors] about the game, competing with them during practice, or just joking around with them. I’ll really miss them as teammates and friends,” Rembisz said as she shared her favorite memories with the departing members.

One by one the players were escorted to the middle of the court where Coach Moore was waiting, arm in arm, with their loved ones. As the pictures flashed, the announcers reminisced about the memories of the past four years.

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