Love Is In the Air

So here’s some ideas to get somewhere.

By Sam BeDan and John Pacheco

ALL RIGHT! The most romantic time of year is coming up, everybody! And for those people with partners, y’all got one thing on your mind, “CRAP! I NEED TO SET UP A DATE!” Don’t worry, you still got time. So, we decided to help you out. Here are some ideas to make sure your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t flip the flip out.

The Classic: Bowling

Who doesn’t enjoy throwing 12 lb balls at a set of pins? You can show off your strength, get those muscles pulsing . . . . Or, if you’re like me, you set up the bumpers and let them laugh at you.

The Other Classic: A Dinner Date

Okay, so food is great, we all love it. In high school, we’re broke and live off of fast food, but that doesn’t mean your date’s gotta suck. There are plenty of cheap places to go and grab a bite, like Freddy’s. Or, you can head down to Denver for Denver restaurant week for a great meal anywhere from $25-$45.

Dinner and a Show: Movie Dates

Are you an awkward child? Does everything that comes out of your mouth make other people feel uncomfortable? Then this is the date for you! In movies, you don’t have to talk at all, and you only have to spend 30 bucks TOTAL for tickets and food. Plus, you can get close with your hubba-wubba. What’s not to like?

The Poor Man’s Best Friend: Eat From Home

Running out of cash? No problem! If you’ve got some food around the house, invite them over for a feast from the heart. Whether it be as complex as honey-roasted duck or as simple as Ramen noodles, your partner will know you made it out of love for them, and they will be extremely grateful.

The Go-To for Athletic People: Hiking

Now, I suggest you run this one by your partner before you decide to do it. If they are not very athletic, or if you aren’t, this might become more of a burden than a date. But, for those who like the outdoors, this is a perfect idea. It’s basically like a very long  walk, where  you and your partner can talk about whatever you like within the peace of seclusion. Bring a blanket and some food, and boom! You’ve got a picnic.

The Romantic Cuddle Sesh: Star Gazing

Star gazing is a must for those philosophical couples. It gives you a sense of complete unity to each other, and the feeling of singularity in this big world we live in.

Last But Not Least: Netflix

When all else fails, Netflix doesn’t. Invite them over, cuddle on the couch, and turn on the latest stand up by Fluffy and laugh till you pee. Or, put on The Notebook and cry.

That’s our list! Hope it helps!

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