How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

A guide too having fun with out a date

by Emily Johnson and Sam Johnson


 Valentine’s Day can be the most exciting holiday of the year for couples, but when it comes to being single, you dread that day. Believe it or not, there are some ways that you can enjoy the holiday, despite your relationship status. This is a guide to help you find the fun in this holiday without that special someone.

 Hanging with friends: Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is all about love, so why not spend it with your friends? You can have an awesome time hanging out and forget all about the fact that you are single. Sophomore Sophie Peters typically hangs out with her friends on Valentine’s Day. “On Valentine’s Day last year, my friends and I all hung out, and we had an amazing time. It almost made me glad that I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time,” says Peters. Some fun activities you could do with your friends on Valentine’s Day would be to eat out, ice skate, watch a movie, or maybe just play some board games.

 Netflix: Will there ever be a better occasion to use this software? You can binge watch hours of your favorite TV shows, and forget about all of your problems. Sophomore Maddi Devito likes to watch Netflix to get her mind off things. “I am currently watching Gossip Girl on Netflix, and I am very excited to cuddle up in blankets and watch it on V day,” says Devito. There are plenty of genres of shows to watch on Netflix, and they can all make you forget about your relationship status, too.

 Eat: Grab your keys, drive to the nearest grocery store, buy all the chocolate you can afford, and eat it. If it makes you feel better, you can even pretend it’s from that special someone. There are countless amounts of sweets sold during Valentine’s Day, so buy whatever makes you happy. You can even cook yourself a homemade meal to get your mind off things.


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