The World Is Burning

We are part of the problem, but can we be a part of the solution as well?

By Olivia Daniels

The Earth’s climate is changing, and naturally its inhabitants, nature, and humans are facing the consequences. Everyone has heard of global warming, but not many know what it actually means. It means that there is a phenomenon in which weather patterns and temperatures are changing both rapidly and unpredictably on a global scale. This is often due to the growing concentration of heat trapping gasses in the atmosphere. These gasses are classified as greenhouse gasses, according to Greenhouse gasses include methane, nitrous oxide, and many others; however, the most commonly known is carbon dioxide. As well as the basics of global warming, many people don’t recognize that the destruction of our Earth is at the cause of human error. These gasses have been scientifically proven by to be produced more rapidly when activities such as deforestation, pollution, and the burning of fossil fuels occur.

When 10 students from Legend were asked about their thoughts on global warming, all but three couldn’t form an opinion, given they didn’t know much of anything about global warming before being asked.

“I don’t know anything about global warming, other than the fact that it’s bad, and some people don’t think it’s real,” sophomore Ciera Johnson said. “Real or not, it doesn’t affect me.” Sophomore Evelyn Hunter said, “I have heard about the problem before, but I’ve never really understood the severity of it.”

If it doesn’t affect you, then what, who, does it affect? Global warming is a factor that could ultimately lead to the destruction of our Earth, in the sense that it will no longer be inhabitable for some species, and eventually the human race. So, it might not affect you in this lifetime, but if certain weather patterns begin to increase, more than they already have, then bad things will happen to our world.

Since 1880, the average temperature has risen nearly 1.53 degrees Fahrenheit, based on data collected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Understanding this means acknowledging the possibility of further increase. Scientists who have been collecting data over the generations in attempt to better understand global warming and its end game have identified 2016 as the hottest year our Earth has faced.

A British Tabloid said that U.S scientists exaggerated global warming, while according to The New York Times, respected researchers disagree.

“Global warming is a serious problem, and if nothing is done to reduce, and eventually put an end to the issues surrounding the greenhouse affect, our world will face serious repercussions in the near future,” stated’s conclusive articles on the topic.

Given the overwhelming amount of research gathered by many organizations, scientists, people all across the globe, and activists of nature have joined together creating many service projects to help the situation. is the website of one of the most contacted websites and organizations when it comes to looking for solutions. Even though not all humans are aware that there is a problem or that they are a part of it, with just a small donation, our money can go towards projects to make our world a better place and prevent it from further damage caused by global warming. Even without the money, this website and many more bring our attention to the severity of the problem and our need to fight climate change, and stop warming temperatures.


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