Commercials, Wings, and a Mad Turn of Events

The Super Bowl creates buzz around Legend.

By Miranda House

At last! The Super Bowl finally comes around, a day we’ve all been waiting for. Although I’m sure that many Legend students would be much happier if we were supporting our beloved Colorado team, everyone still looks forward to the game. Whether it the exciting halftime show,the entertaining commercials, the fun finger foods, or the intense battle between two teams, there’s always a thrill.    

The Falcons and the Patriots started off with a good battle, but brought a huge surprise comeback with Patriots taking the win. “It was crazy. I was not expecting the Patriots to come back at the second quarter. We were in shock,” sophomore Ciera Johnson said. Many people were taken by surprise, and then the two teams managed to take it into overtime, the very first game to be taken into overtime in Super Bowl history. “They aren’t the Broncos, but I certainly got into the game,” math teacher Mrs. Smith said. Legend was crazy about it, social social media blew up, and hundreds of shocked fans celebrated, while others were severely disappointed.

Many people, on the other hand, were not interested in the game itself. “I tend to watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials,” sophomore Claire Sharpe said. Legend students have been reviewing the commercials and have come to the conclusion that this year, the ads failed. With the exception of two or three, the student body openly spread their opinions of disappointment. “They were all political, nothing funny,” science teacher Mrs. Stewart said.

The Super Bowl sparked conversation and competition throughout Legend, allowing students to prepare for next year’s game. We await the competition, food, and laughs for next year as we reflect on a good year of football, and a record setting game.


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