AP-iece of Advice

Pros and Cons of Taking AP Classes

By Emily Johnson and Sam Johnson

Deciding whether or not to take an AP class can be hard. Hopefully this will help to guide you in the right direction. There are many benefits and drawbacks to taking AP classes, and evening them out to make the right decision for your academic needs will be important as registration approaches fast.

Some of the upsides to taking an AP class at the high school level will include the potential to receive college credit, that the class will challenge you, and that it will prepare you for what college courses will be like.

Sophomore Travis Vaala believes that AP classes are beneficial. “If you are competing against another student who hasn’t taken an AP class for a spot at a college, you will most likely get that spot because of the college credit,” Vaala said. He will be taking AP U.S. Government next year and thinks that it will be very advantageous. “Enriching the level of education from a basic level to higher level critical thinking is the most rewarding part about teaching AP. The rigor and level of thinking will really help kids learn how to organize their thinking and will help them be successful not only in college but later in life as well,” AP Government teacher Tim Coit said.

Although AP classes are useful for students, there are also downsides to taking them. Sometimes, the workload is very intense and can be too much for students. Freshman Gage Watton says that he is not taking AP classes his sophomore year. “I want to stay grade level and keep my GPA up,” he said. “Immaturity and students not preparing enough for the workload and their assignments [is a problem],” Ms. Davis said of the disadvantages to taking AP.IMG_8207.JPG

Despite the uncertainty that students face when deciding whether or not AP classes are right for them, they are overall beneficial, but it all depends on the student. Colleges look at AP classes when analyzing recruits, and the classes highlight your transcript. So, before you decide not to choose one, think about the ways it can help you in high school and college

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