The Loss at the Coliseum 

Legend vs. ThunderRidge

By Maria Beaini

img_3520-1The Lady Titans took a well fought loss on Saturday at The Coliseum. The Grizzlies were up by less than 5 throughout the whole game. With the main point guard, sophomore Payton Lincavage, being out for an achilles injury, the team had to work with sophomores Elle Bevis and Lauren Carmack taking charge. Bevis constantly scoring to keep the team up. Also with senior Zoe Mihalicz controlling the defense and getting consistent steals. Legend caught up and pulled ahead by one point because Mihalicz, during the last two minutes, scored a free throw, leaving the score at 41-40. It was a nail biting game, until one play busted and the Grizzlies won by three points, with the final score being 44-41.


“Our defense was definitely the reason why we did well in the game,” said Carmack. “Thunder Ridge is a tough team, so I’m happy with how hard we played as a team.” Legend’s Girls Basketball’s record is now 7-9.







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