Trump Takes Shots at Obama

All your work thought of as nothing, and treated as a mistake by a man with less experience than you. Do you bite your tongue, or bite back?

By Olivia Daniels


Accusations. The biggest leading factor in many misunderstandings, both significant and insignificant. From a small fight between neighbors, to a battle on a national scale between currently, two of the most looked at politicians in the world, Obama versus Trump.

Political views naturally will differ given the fact that Obama is Democrat while Trump is Republican. In spite of this barrier, a even larger challenge of morals is at hand, in turn leaving the supporters at campaign rallies centered directly at the heart of the conflict.

At a rally in North Carolina, Obama addressed a Trump supporter, and defended the man’s right to protest. According to The Huffington Post, it was when Trump found out about this that he falsely accused Obama of “screaming” at supporters. Given the gap in views and moral surrounding the supporters, this has in turn created a domino effect damaging Barack Obama’s legacy as the 44th president of the United States, as well as putting Donald Trump’s reputation as president further in jeopardy, on top of his personality flaws.

Since Trump’s first day in office, he has looked to change Obama Policies right from the start. According to the New York Times, a document was released from the White House, saying that he would soon withdraw from the 12-Nations Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the one negotiated by the previous president, Obama. The White House also said that President Trump would look to reconsider and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, more commonly known as NAFTA.

“If our partners refuse a negotiation that gives American workers a fair deal, then a notice of the United States intent to withdraw from NAFTA will be given,” read the statement provided by the White House.

This came as no surprise to Americans, because during Trump’s campaign he said that past deals were bad deals, and hurt employment levels in America.

This like many other past deals, as well as the health care law, known as Obamacare, are all in Trump’s sights, but only with the intent to put an end to Obama’s past successes, and his legacy. Given the accusations, previous president, Barack Obama has managed to take a step back and watch Donald Trump’s political views unfold, for the better or for the worse.



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