A New Frontier…

…of entertainment.

By Quinn McDowell

Netflix has started a new generation of entertainment. They have come out with top of the line original content from many different genres. From A Series of Unfortunate Events to Strangers Things and the expansion of the Marvel universe into the R rated and gritty Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, Netflix never fails to deliver. With exquisite and exciting content, nothing has changed with their recent instalment of Frontier.

Jason Momoa stars in this show as a half Native American, half Irish trader with an interesting past. The show takes place in the early seventeen hundreds with Momoa (as the notorious Declan Harp) being tracked down and hunted by the HBCo (Hudson Bay Company). They seem to have no limits to what they will do to capture, punish, and kill Momoa. The story may seem weak but the characters really prop it up and make it interesting.

Unlike most action shows that sacrifice good characters for good action, Frontier has a focus mostly on the characters and less on the action. But when action does come into play it is very intense because you care for the characters.  It does a very good job of developing characters to make them interesting and relatable, even though the story takes place before our country was founded.

The show does an exceedingly good job at creating and developing characters, producing exciting action, and keeping the audience on edge for what will come next. The acting isn’t the greatest, but the acting isn’t bad by any means. The music does a poor job of pulling you into the cold north of the 1700’s but it isn’t exceptionally noticeable. The plot slows down and gets fairly repetitive near the end of the season. Through all the bad it breaks through and is now one of my personal favorite shows. It is only six 45 minute episodes and it is definitely worth the time to experience this story Netflix brings to its exclusive content.

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