The Later, The Better


Cherry Creek proposes newly delayed start times.

By Sarah Abureesh

You’re waking up in a hurry, running to catch the bus, and half asleep in class. It’s the worst, but it might changing for you Cherry Creek students next year.

The Cherry Creek School District Board of Education is considering a different school schedule for the upcoming school year.  The decision began after input and research was received from parents, students, and staff’s differences on the current start schedule. If Cherry Creek changes the start schedule, all schools would be affected. Not only high schools, but middle and elementary schools as well.

The high school start time would be pushed back 65 minutes, the middle school would start approximately 50 minutes later, and elementary schools would begin earlier by 65 minutes.  More than 38% of student families expressed the current Cherry Creek schedule as “overwhelming,” according to 9News, because of students’ sleep patterns. Many students in the Cherry Creek District lack energy and needed sleep for school.

“I feel that the current start time is very much early, especially when I have a heavy load of school work anyhow-as well as considering I’m in band,” Overland High School sophomore Luis Portillo said.

The Cherry Creek School District’s start time currently for high school is 7:10am, versus the proposed start time for the 2017-2018 school year would be at 8:15am. In relation to the Douglas County School District, high school students already begin at 7:55am, 45 minutes after Cherry Creek Schools. In addition there seems to be no correlation of tardiness, sleepiness, or as much exhaustion expressed in the Cherry Creek District.

“I truly think that the delayed bell would benefit the students as well as parents who still have to take younger siblings,” sophomore Kenzie Gullo said.

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