Tips and tricks for getting your dream Sadie’s date

How to ensure your date will say yes

By Emily Johnson and Sam Johnson      

 photo-2As the Sadie’s dance is nearing, it is time to start thinking about asking a crush or close friend to Sadie’s. Asking someone to Sadie’s can be really scary, but it is worth it in the end. Sophomore Sydney Glynn says, “I think watching a girl ask a guy to Sadie’s is a super cute and memorable thing to watch because the girl is taking control which does not normally happen.” Sophomore Hannah Nelson asked a boy to Sadie’s last year and loved the outcome! She says “I was nervous at first, but I got a date and it all went well.” This article will hopefully give you some confidence to ask that special someone; here are some tips for asking a guy to Sadie’s:


  1. Use the guy’s interests/hobbies to come with a Sadie’s proposal that appeals to it. Most guys have a certain activity that allows for jokes and puns in the proposal.  
  2. Do not panic, He will probably say yes.
  3. Be confident in yourself. It won’t be as fun or appealing if you are nervous.
  4. Ask someone you are comfortable around and makes you feel good. Make sure you will have a fun time with them.
  5. Make sure to keep it a surprise. If the boy knows that you’re asking him, all of the surprise and fun will be taken out of the proposal.
  6. Make a plan. Ask yourself when, where, what, how, who to make your plan run as smoothly as possible.
  7. Get friends to help you. If it’s a big project and you don’t have much time, help is a necessity.
  8. Have fun! Do not let it stress you out. Make it a fun process leading up to a great night. Remember, it’s a Sadie’s proposal, not a marriage proposal.

One thought on “Tips and tricks for getting your dream Sadie’s date

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