New Year, New Me!

We all took L’s in 20L6, no pun intended, but with these tips 2017 will be anything but a loss.

By Olivia Daniels

The countdown begins, the clock’s hand strikes 12, and the ball drops. Happy New Year! The time designated to new beginnings, but with all the pressure to do great and make 2017 “your year”, some people’s minds go blank. There is nothing wrong with not having a clue about what you need to change. Knowing that you need to change is enough, and these tips can help and inspire anyone to make 2017 an even better year than the last.

Move More! It is scientifically proven, by, that people who move more and participate in more physical activity live a longer, happier life. Trust me, your couch cushions are already perfectly formed to the curves of your butt; and these indentations aren’t going anywhere, but you are. Go outside, go for a run, or a relaxing walk, and leave your couch.

Drink Your Water! 8 cups a day keeps the doctor away! Unless your pee is a transparent yellow, according to, then water is a must for the New Year. Not only do pediatricians, and dietitians recommend it for health reasons, but so do many dermatologists; as water has proven many times over to be beneficial for the overall welfare of one’s skin. Drinking water isn’t always routine for everyone, but using a journal or app will help you get the push you need to start the new year off right.

Volunteer! With each new year, people look to better their physical self, and some miss the morality aspect in its entirety. Spending time to help your community can help you be a part of something bigger than yourself, ultimately bettering your personal wellness. Of course that’s not to mention the fact that everyone at Legend needs at least 20 hours of community service to graduate. It’s worth it in the long run, so the more hours, the better.

Listen More! There is so much that can be missed if you are only hearing someone or something. Take a moment to listen to what they said and do more than just respond, listen to understand. This can be applied to human communications, but incase, despite the first tip for the New Year, you are still on your couch, turn on music rather than tv. Music can convey many more emotions than just watching something. In everything you do for the new year, make sure that things don’t just go in one ear, and out the other!

Spring Cleaning? But it’s January! Clean out your closet. Everything you don’t wear, or just don’t want. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Clean up your computer, get rid of pictures of the past and any apps that are just wasting space. This can include social media, because taking a step back from all the feeds, whether it be Instagram or Twitter, etcetera, can unclutter your life of all the pointless cat memes. Clean out your email, all read emails and spam, must go. Clean up your diet. Cut out sweets, and try new meal plans. Pinterest is the place to go to find inspiration and recipes, as well as cool ideas created through alliteration. Try Meatless Mondays, and Fruit Fridays. Starting the new year off clean will have a positive domino effect in everything you do. You will feel clean, be clean, and live clean. You can say bye to all the clutter and mess, because that is being left in 2016 with good company- the dab, and harambe.

Do it for yourself! Just remember that this is for you. You are working on yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

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