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Passengers movie review

By Nya Medina


The movie
Passengers is a story about a group of 5000 people who made the decision to create a new life for themselves on a new planet called Homestead II. The movie has two main characters, Jim Preston(Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane(Jennifer Lawrence), which are the only characters throughout most of the movie besides their robot friend, Arthur (Michael Sheen). The 5000 passengers are all aboard the spaceship Avalon in hibernation pods, which are pods where they will stay and all metabolic activity will baurora_and_jime suspended for 120 years until they reach their destination of Homestead II. Jim Preston, wakes up early due to a malfunction on the ship caused by a meteor, and spends a year living on his own with only Arthur the robot to talk to. After a year goes by he finds himself wandering through the endless maze of hibernation pods when he comes across the beautiful Aurora Lane. After finding out how to wake a passenger from hibernation, he questions for weeks whether he should awaken Aurora. If he chooses to wake her up it would mean she would not live to make it to Homestead II, but he would not have to be alone anymore. After running the idea through his head countless times and consulting with Arthur about it, he decides one day to wake her up. After she is awake he tells her that it was an accident and she tries everything to get them back into hibernation, but everything she does Jim has already tried and failed at. After Jim finally asks her on a date, the two soon fall in love and are living their own love story aboard the ship with just the two of them. On their 1 year anniversary, Jim leaves Aurora alone with Arthur so that he can go get the ring he wants to propose to Aurora with, and Arthur lets it slip that Jim is the one who brought Aurora out of hibernation. Aurora is beyond furious and days go by where she won’t even look at Jim, she even goes far enough as to go into his room at night and aggressively throw punches and kick at Jim, she even gets close to killing him with a metal rod because she is so enraged about what Jim did to her. Meanwhile, many more malfunctions are taking place on the ship and one of the crew members comes out of hibernation. They soon find out that there is a meteor that is stuck in the ship that needs to be released or the whole ship will explode. The cast member who is awake, Gus Mancuso (Laurence Fishburne), soon dies and it is up to Jim and Aurora to work together to save the other 5000 passengers. They realize that in order to do this Jim will have to put his life on the line and Aurora expresses her love for Jim and says that if he dies she dies, but Jim convinces Aurora that it is the right thing to do and they go through with releasing the meteor from the ship.

Passengers is a film with an easy storyline to follow because of the minimal amount of characters. Since there are only 3 of them, it is hard for a lot to happen in the movie which decreases the amount of action there is to follow throughout it. In my opinion the minimal action there was to follow was a good thing because I like movies that can easily entertain and that are not confusing, although if you do not like movies that lack action I would not recommend this movie for you because it is fairly slow paced and the characters spend a lot of time on their own. The lack of action in this movie is made up for with the dynamic characters, perfecting role fitting actors and intense scenes. Although this story may not have been relatable when looking at the big picture, there are certain things that people can take from it and relate to their own lives; such as Jim’s decision whether to listen to his selfish desires or think about the desires of others, and Aurora’s difficulty with opening up to people and coming to terms with herself and her life to make herself happier. Since there were only two main characters, it amplifies the emotional connection that the viewer has with the characters and makes the movie more interesting and enjoyable. The lack of action in this movie is made up for with the dynamic characters, perfecting role fitting actors and intense scenes. Overall I would give Passengers 4 stars because it is a simple yet entertaining film despite the lack of action.

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