Loss of Innocence

Should an image of six year old David Puckett being pulled out of the ice be revealed?

By Sarah Abureesh
          photo credit: 9News                                                photo credit: CBSDenver

On News Year’s Eve, a six year old boy by the name of David Puckett went missing and was found 48 hours later in a frozen pond. Many believe revealing the image of the child being pulled out is rather ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘cruel’ to Puckett’s family. What many had not considered when revealing the image is the impact and awareness created around our children in our community around many and awareness of our children in our community.

The reveal of the image is striking and powerful, although the argument of displaying the image is believed to be wrong. In the perspective of a journalist, the image proves that not only has the accident been relative to similar incidents outside the country, such as the image of the Syrian child washed up on shore, but the possibility that it can happen anywhere, even close to home.

The image is heartbreaking, but from it child safety awareness has been brought up and made a point of focus not only in Aurora but as well as the surrounding communities. Once the image had been revealed on the news, in a professional stance, I suddenly felt well aware of the events that occur very often. In addition, I felt that everyone should open their eyes and see what happens within their very own community. Not only should people see the reality, but also the impact upon others who knew the family. Although, in personal reference, it would be much too difficult to see images as such in relations to it being a young loss of innocence. There are several pros and cons of the appearance of the image, but mainly awareness is diffused around the state, nation, and world, something we all must have eyes for.

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