You Won’t Succeed

And other topics.

By Alec Thomas

Okay, internet, I might have lied about the other topics. But this week I want to address a problem that’s been pretty prevalent for the past couple of years that I can only continue seeing getting worse and worse: New Year’s resolutions.

Now for those of you who have legitimately become a human hermit crab and don’t experience the outside world, the new year began nine days ago. This day surprisingly has no astronomical significance whatsoever within the universe, and it is only celebrated because our concept of where we are in the universe is relative to the stars near us that we revolve around.

But anyway, astronomy aside, we–as a human race–have decided that for some reason, due to the new year, that we should create an end goal for ourselves. something that we want to achieve either throughout the year or at least by the end of it. These resolutions can be as simple as going to the gym (which ends after the first month), or as complex as wanting to achieve the most NFL interceptions in history. It’s meant to be a goal for yourself, and to begin saying that you want to see this change within yourself. Now here’s why goals have been lacking in the last few years.

When the new year is about to occur, you wouldn’t believe how many people ask me what my New Year’s resolution is going to be. And I could not possibly tell you how many times I’ve either said “I don’t know,” or “lose weight,” jokingly. (And for those that don’t know I weigh literally less than 100 pounds.) However, the only reason that I don’t see any point for this is that I don’t think I need to change anything about myself. And if I do, I shouldn’t have to make it some big annual deal with anyone.

If I want to learn how to sing, I’ll take voice lessons. If I want to learn the guitar, I’ll take guitar lessons. I want to be happy for myself, and creating a goal about some stupid thing that I know I’ll never actually do just isn’t realistic. And the thing I’ve seen most with this is the fact that all other high schooler kids I know are the same way. We either don’t create goals, or we create unrealistic ones that we can never achieve. And while it does suck because to other people we look hopeless, I feel like we’re just becoming more understanding and realistic with the world.

The world is a hard place, and you’re not going to become an astronaut overnight. I think high schoolers are just becoming more prone to this fact. Aspirations are at an all time low, which absolutely sucks. I remember being four years old and telling my parents that I wanted to be a firefighter. But now, I’m less than 100 pounds, have asthma, and hate working out. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m never going to be a firefighter, or even an astronaut. I know my grades are not enough to have what it takes to become an astronaut, and with how much I procrastinate, I never will.

And what’s even worse about it is that most kids in school have the same mindset. The only ones that don’t have the same mindset are the same ones whose parents have shielded them from the outside world. Which sucks just as much because we’re just all waiting with anticipation until they actually get to figure it all out and come to the realization that we’ve already come to. The world sucks.

The dreams we want to have are simply that–dreams. They’ll never be anything more because all we like to do as young adults is ask the “What if?” questions about everything, without chasing those dreams in the first place. I would love to be a medical surgeon, but if anything, society has shown me is that it’ll take thousands of dollars to put me through education and eight years of schooling just to maybe have a chance at doing it, assuming that I do well. It deters me from doing something I think would be amazing.

The problem that I have with this piece is that I have not a single clue of how to fix it. I could come up with a crude resolution to fix it all, but if we’re going full circle, I’ll never actually aspire to do it, and neither will anyone else. The world sucks and unless you’re going to be the person that does everything in their power with extreme determination, you can’t be exactly what you want to be without trying. So maybe I did find my solution. If you want to be the change you see, have strength and be determined in the fact that you’ll become better. Strive for the goals you want to see, because you’re the number one person that you can take care of in life. You can’t control anyone else’s future, but you sure as hell can take hold of your own. So be a medical surgeon, or an astronaut, or the managing partner of a company. Chase your goals, and be happy doing them.


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