Two Weeks, or Too much?

Do we really need that much time off?

By Henley Holland 

We, as Douglas County students, get two weeks off as a break over the holidays. We get the entire week before Christmas, and the week after as well. This is of course to finish up the end of our first semester, so the breather from all the work and stress is welcome, but is it too much? Returning is often a struggle, one that takes a week to recover and grow accustomed to the whole school thing again.

    Most schools around the country only have a week for a winter break. It starts a couple days before Christmas and ends the weekend after New Years. This is not the case where we live. Perhaps the difference isn’t great, the grades and test scores aren’t significantly different enough to worry about them. But I, personally, find two weeks to be too long of a break. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending two weeks sleeping in and being social, but coming back to school after that is just not a thing I want to do. It takes me at least a week to recover and get back into the whole routine again. I would much rather have one week to breath, and then jump right back into the massive workload that is high school. Besides, one less week of family time and frigid cold means an extra week of summer and sunshine.

    “I couldn’t imagine less time with our break,” sophomore Hunter Schumacher said. It would definitely be an adjustment, but would it might be an option to explore in the future. “It’s awesome having [this length for winter break],” social studies teacher Tyler Allen said. 

    So I am a bit at odds with others here at Legend. But I still stand by urging everyone to consider what it would be like to shorten winter break. Wouldn’t the shortened time with your family and the lengthened time to frolic in summer be worth the suffering?

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