Legendary New Year’s resolutions

Legends students and staff talk about resolutions

By Sam Johnson and Emily Johnson

Whether it’s to start working out, to learn a language, or to not procrastinate on schoolwork, many people have New Year’s Resolutions. And most of the time, people don’t keep these plans. According to a recent poll taken by Statistics Brain, only 37 percent of adults in their twenties keep their New Year’s Resolution. This leads people to wonder whether or not these goals for the upcoming year are worth making.

Legend High School’s Mrs. Walsh normally does not make resolutions, but she does have a tradition that she does every year. She likes to write down all the titles of the books that she reads as the year progresses. Although it is rare for her to make resolutions, this year she has decided to try to spend less time on Facebook while on her phone. “I do think that they are important, because it’s a good thing to have and set goals just like we talk about with kids in Titan Time, but they need to be realistic,” says Mrs. Walsh when asked if she thought that resolutions were important.

The students felt different about resolutions. Approximately five out of every six students interviewed. at Legend High School do not think that New Year’s Resolutions were effective; freshman Maddie Taylor agrees with the fact that most people do not make resolutions that they can keep, “Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution if you know you can’t follow it,” says Taylor. Just like Maddie Taylor, sophomore Julia Schorger thinks that resolutions “aren’t real,” as far as their effectiveness. “They’re unfinished promises we all make to ourselves every year,” says Schorger. Sophomore Emily Hoff has a different idea about New Year’s resolutions. She says “they are a great way to help you achieve things you have wanted to the whole year!”

At Legend, most of the students we interviewed don’t make resolutions, because they don’t believe that they can be kept. However, people can come across things that important enough to them to keep for the whole year long cycle. It all just depends on the amount of time and energy that people put into the topic they’re trying to change about themselves.

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