Village Inn Vs IHOP


Which breakfast restaurant do high school students believe is better?

By Nya Medina and Bria Pyfer

When thinking of a place to go get breakfast Village Inn and IHOP are typically the two places that come to mind, but which of these two places do high school students prefer? From the survey that we took with kids at Legend we came to the conclusion that 49% of students preferred Village Inn and 51% of students preferred IHOP. These numbers are very close which made it hard for us to draw a conclusion based on this survey.

We then conducted interviews with students to understand the reasoning behind their preference. When we were talking to the students we found out that the average rating for IHOP on the customer service was a 7.25/10 whereas Village Inn had a 9.5/10 as their rating. For the quality of their food, after asking the students Village Inn scored a 9/10 and IHOP scored a 6.5/10. A lot of the complaints about IHOP were about the fact that they did not have a clean environment, and the complaints about Village Inn were that they do not have free pie everyday and that they are not open 24/7, which are not as important for a restaurant than a cleanliness is. This showed us that there were things that students wanted IHOP to change, whereas with Village Inn they just wanted them to do what they love more often, such as have more free pie and extended hours.

We surveyed students about how friendly the employees were at both restaurants, and how the if environment was homely and inviting. Village Inn was said to have had a more welcoming feel to it and the customers felt like they were being treated well and like “part of the family”. Favorite menu items of the students varied from simple things like bacon and eggs, all the way to Cinnastacks. Other favorite items included crepes, a California Skillet, Eggs Benedict, and their banana strawberry chocolate chip pancakes. After the surveys and ratings we came to the conclusion that while Village Inn and IHOP got about an equal amount of votes, the Village Inn overall scored higher ratings than IHOP and received better comments about the environment than Village Inn.

After gathering the opinions of our peers, Bria and I decided to go to both Village Inn and IHOP over the weekend. At Village Inn, although it was busy the employees still tried their hardest to take our order and deliver our food in a reasonable amount of time with a good attitude. We were of course treated with respect and the food tasted great. At IHOP it was also very busy, but we had to wait about 20 minutes to even get a table. Once we were seated our waiter spoke very quickly and it wasn’t very convincing that he cared a lot about us, but more just about doing the job. After we were seated it took them a while to take our order and a significantly longer amount of time to bring our food out. They were very busy but it wasn’t obvious that they were trying to hurry as quickly as possible as it was at Village Inn. Even though it took them a while to bring out our food it still tasted great and the hot chocolate was the best we had ever tasted. It was noticeable though that the cleanliness of IHOP was not as well kept as it was at Village Inn, supporting the evidence that we received in interviews with students. Based on the statistics and opinions of others as well as our own, we came to the conclusion that although both places are great to go and enjoy a meal, Village Inn was better because of their friendliness and homely environment as well as the quality of their food.  

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