“You’re Only Young Once…. Is It Over Yet?”

All the craze about The Edge of Seventeen.

By Jason Burke

Lately a craze has been going around about an angsty teenager and her troubles with her best friend. Now just like you, when I first heard about this I thought “who would watch a movie about nothing but teenage angst?” As it turns out, the movie delves a lot deeper than the ongoing drama of high school life.

Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) faces many hardships in her life. Beginning with her discovery of her brother Darian (Blake Jenner) in bed with her best friend Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), Nadine begins a spiral of self hatred and self destruction. Soon enough her family, her small amount of friends, and the nerdy guy crushing on her have all given up hope.

The movie does a fabulous job of creating a link between the audience and the characters. All complete with scenes so intentionally awkward that you can feel the tension in the air around you. It’s the kind of awkward you feel when two people are yelling at each other in a restaurant. Mostly because that’s exactly one of the scenes.

They also do a great job relating to their audience. As most of the audience is likely to be teens looking for a good laugh. Yes, the movie does give them that, but it also relates to anyone that feels like an outcast in their lives.

Right off the bat we see Nadine as an outcast. Every person in her high school could be considered a model with how they’re dressed. Flash to Nadine and we see her in a very 80’s blue, red, white, and gold windbreaker. Not exactly what you would call “fashionable” in the wonderful year of 2016.

Of course, fashion isn’t everything that Nadine is worried about. There’s her relationships with her friends and family, and the [almost] everlasting crush on the bad boy.

Honestly, this is something that a lot of kids can relate to. Fighting with their parents about grades and how you’re trying to live your life is something that’s way more common than a lot of us would like to admit. That being said I feel like this movie can teach a very important lesson, no matter what kind of problems you’re going through.

Now, while it does provide an awesome perspective of how teenagers see their problems, this film does have some downfalls. One of them being the extreme dramatization of the events that take place, but even then it does it for the overall message that it tries to convey every second of the one hour and 44 minutes that it has you for.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this movie, It creates a perfect connection between the characters and the audience members. All the while giving it’s message of confidence and the importance that family can hold.

The Edge of Seventeen is the perfect coming of age movie. Both for the parents and the kids.

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