Rally for Serve!


The history of the art of ping pong.

By Sam Johnson

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, or singles or doubles, ping pong is a sport that always livens up the party. It has been an olympic sport since 1988 and is played at a competitive level all around the world. Derived from tennis, table tennis has served as a fun, portable game that is great for all. Whether table tennis is a better addition to the olympic sports category is a question that is worth answering. In a survey taken at Legend High School, 81% of students prefer ping pong over tennis. Sophomore Josh Martin plays ping pong every Wednesday during his 4th period class. When asked why he prefers ping pong he said, “[Ping Pong] is a fun way to take a break during the day and pass the time during my off period.” I think that ping pong is a great sport that will extremely increase hand-eye coordination and will improve athletes for other sports that they play. It’s a fun sport and activity that will put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s a fascinating and simple game that has been pleasing people and will for years to come.

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