Maybe It’s Not Such A Bad Thing After All

Why do teachers support Legend’s latest controversy?

By Ethan Vlchek

Every change has two sides: those who are the catalyst for change and those who merely are experiencing the aftermath. In the scenario of Infinite Campus being closed, the teachers are the catalyst. While they may face resentment to the idea, in the end they believe in cohesion that this is ultimately for the benefit of the students.

Teachers such as Nick Miles support the idea for many reasons. “It allows students to focus on doing well on their finals as opposed to getting their grades up before the final and failing it as a result.” It also seems that this change will also help the teachers. “We can now focus on helping our students prepare as best they can before the final instead of inputting grades that are late,” Miles said.

As there are teachers who support the idea wholeheartedly, there are those who simply feel indifferent either way. Teachers such as Landon Wiederstein feel that it will not matter in the long run. “It doesn’t bother me either way. Change is hard for certain people. I say it’s justified or not. Some people resent the color purple and to them it’s justified. I can’t tell them what to think.”

In this endeavor, it seems that teachers like Shane King will be needed to moderate the new ground being explored. “I can see both sides of the argument. On one hand, being a teacher and being bombarded by emails from students and parents alike about how to get their grade up at the last second is a big hindrance towards us being able to help our students. But parents and students alike deserve a right to look at their grades and see where they stand going into finals.”

Unfortunately all that is left to do is look at what will come in the upcoming weeks and see what comes. “Maybe I’ll get more emails or maybe they’ll stop completely,” King said. “This is new ground and all that is left is to see what will happen.”

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