Deep Breath In

Deep breath out.

By Alec Thomas

All right Internet. You’re probably thinking that this is going to be another ranting story about something in our society or community here at Legend that we should abolish. And if you’re thinking that, you’re absolutely right. And this week? Homeroom.

I could sit here and legitimately list off 50 reasons as to why we should get rid of homeroom. But that is only beaten by my great sense of extreme hyperbole as I can only list a couple that come to my head as I type this at my computer at 11 a.m. in the morning.

Let’s start off easy. This class period is a huge waste of time that is spent doing nothing productive. No matter what grade the students are in, it’s always going to be a waste of a class period. A quarter of the kids might do homework, or the other three quarters will actually just sit their on the phones and do nothing, simply because they don’t want to. Either you have time to get something done or you don’t, and most kids won’t even use it because the teachers won’t actively participate in their learning, which brings me to the next stupid point.

Since most of the time the homework the kids have is completely unrelated to what the homeroom teacher actually teaches, no one can help the student with their homework. I mean sure you can ask other students, but how likely are you to actually ask another student you barely talk to? If you’re stuck on your homework and you cannot do anything without asking the teacher that assigned the homework, you’re helpless. And now it’s a rule in homeroom that we cannot go to disturb other teachers in the class period, which is absolutely stupid. If I’m in AP Chinese (which I’ll just casually mention I’m in) and no one else in my homeroom class knows high level Chinese and I need help with a test or translation, nobody can help. I can’t go ask the Chinese teacher because God forbid I disturb his class by asking a simple question.

Homeroom is the fruitless, unprofitable, inadequate, ineffective, hopeless, unproductive, and pathetic piece of garbage in the school that doesn’t do anything except sit in the corner and smell. Get rid of it, or just get out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Not only are the rules of homeroom daft, but the actual content within homeroom classes are even worse. Freshmen homeroom is a class where you learn morals of Legend. A “lesson” is that they get split off in groups, get an assigned Legend moral (integrity, leadership, etc.), and record videos of that moral in process. Sure this is a good thing in theory, but let’s take a step back and look at this. They’re freshmen. They will not be taking this seriously, and won’t learn anything from the lesson of this. I can tell you as a senior that I have no idea what our morals are at Legend because I simply didn’t care enough to learn them. I’m a good student, I do my work, I do it well, and then I graduate and leave. Morals at Legend have taught me nothing.

Or, we can also look at the other side of the spectrum. Senior homeroom. This is just an absolute train wreck. In my homeroom class, we might take a look at college-related things. This includes applying for colleges, looking at tuition for colleges, and receiving a checklist so we can go to college. Not to mention even more activities with Naviance. Personally with myself, I don’t learn anything from these “lessons” about college. The checklist doesn’t help me with anything and it doesn’t realistically benefit me in any way. I know I want to go to UC Denver, I know the cost, I’ve applied and already been accepted, and I shouldn’t have to know anything else. Easily more than half of the kids in my senior homeroom either don’t pay attention, don’t do the work plans that we’re given, or simply don’t care. They’d rather just sit on snapchat the entire period because let’s be honest, none of them would want to do their homework instead.

We were told that homeroom would teach us more valuable things in the future that we could use, like how taxes work or how to run a business successfully. I’m a senior in high school and I couldn’t exactly tell you what a mortgage is without first Googling it. My parents have taught me more about how credit scores and the real world in a 40-minute lecture than an entire junior year of homeroom has.

Have you learned anything yet, Internet? Good God I hope you have. Homeroom completely and totally frustrates me to the point of screaming at its pointless existence. It doesn’t really help me with anything that can be used in the future or to become any moralistically better as a person. High school homeroom should honestly just be replaced with a study hall and I honestly could not tell you the difference. Students not doing their work, some students actually doing their homework, and teachers just not giving a damn. So what’s the difference? Not a whole lot.garbage-trash

And don’t get me started on all the picking-up-trash periods we spend cleaning around the school. It’s completely stupid that some homeroom classes are required to do it at certain times throughout the year. Some classes have to do it in the freezing cold temperatures in the winter, while some get to pick up trash in the nice spring weather. The only real useful outcome of homeroom is the part where you’re picking up literal trash around the school, because then at least the school might look half acceptable.


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