Volunteering For The Holidays 

Where to volunteer and send thanks

By Kendall Napier

Being it’s that time of the year again, spending time at the dinner table eating a fantasitc turkey, stuffing, green bean, and mash potatos feast with your family all togehter and loving. Grandma and grandpa are there, your aunts and uncles and maybe your geat grandma and your cousins. But imagine if you couldn’t have that each year. Imagine if you had no family, no where to go, barley something to eat, and no one to hardly talk to. That’s reality for most people on the holidays so this time maybe do something for them too. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities just here in Parker. To name off some there is the Parker Task Force, Denver Rescue Mission, and Food Bank of the Rockies. Just going down to one of these foundations for a couple of hours helping out will make a huge difference in people’s lifes. And for more you can go to this website to get some ideas, https://www.metrovolunteers.org/holiday-guide

 There are also just simple things you can do to help others and/or show that you are thankful for their service. Examples are,Offer to rake leaves for a senior citizen or someone unable to do it themselves, Contact hospital and senior citizen homes to see what you can do to bring some cheer during the holidays just visiting with people is nice, donate books and clothing to shelters, if you like to bake, bake some cookies and deliver to the police department or fire department to show how grateful you are for the great job they do for our community, make cards to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving and deliver them to shelters, senior citizens, nursing home, for Christmas/Hanukah – Get a bunch of friends together and practice some holiday songs then sing carols at hospitals, homeless shelters, senior citizen homes, nursing homes. Should get permission from the place first, lastly you could offer to babysit for free so the parents can go shopping on Black Friday. Life is about giving thanks to the people that mean the most to you and or make a difference in your world or others world.

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