The State-Sized Game

Legend’s volleyball performance at state competitions.

By Jason Burke

After fighting so incredibly hard against the Rampart Rams Last week, the Legend Titan volleyball team steps into the Denver Coliseum to take on the other top teams in Colorado.

When the Rams finally fell, the Titans were left standing in the number eight spot in the state.  When challenged by the Arapaho Warriors, they held strong and stood their ground, leaving the game with a final score of three set wins to one, putting them just one step closer to state finals.

Senior Katie Turner played a huge role in this game with her barrage of attacks and kills. And kills are what she’s good at. With a grand total of 258 career kills, Turner has had more than enough practice to understand where she needs to put the ball.  

Another player of the game would be senior Shelby Willis, as she has more than 66% of the team’s total assists. Willis is extremely above the national average for her specialty, clocking in at 588 career assists when the national average is less than a tenth of that.

However, the very next game, the girls took a crushing defeat against Rock Canyon. They fought valiantly but ended up taking a 3 – 1 loss.  Sadly this loss meant one thing: they weren’t going to go to semi-finals.  

“After the game they talked for a little bit, celebrated the victory they had last time, then just kind of disappeared,” volleyball mom Kimberly Burke said.


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