A Parker Veteran’s Day

Out of the Blue explores all the celebrations held in Colorado to honor the veterans of the country.

By Henley Holland and Ethan Vlchek

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Do you think of parades or runs dedicated to veterans when you think of Veterans Day? Or do you think back to your early years of schooling, where they would pull kids into the assembly room and have you guys listen to some of the local veterans share their experiences? Or do you think of local businesses sporting some kind of new deal to show their pride in their veterans? Well, in Colorado, all of the above is done throughout the state in order to thank veterans from all over for their service.

What exactly is Veterans Day, you might ask? Originally, it was known as Armistice Day, a legal holiday to celebrate the end of World War I way back in 1918. In 1954, after World War II and the Korean War, Congress decided to instead dedicate this day to the veterans of all wars, even renaming this day to Veteran’s Day in their honor.

How exactly do we celebrate this holiday? In Colorado, we are no stranger to expressing our appreciation of these brave souls. In Denver, the 5th Annual Denver Veterans Day 5K is held. This events welcomes runners, children, even your dogs! There is also the Veterans Day Parade hosted in Denver, which begins at 10 a.m. Afterwards, everyone is encouraged to stick around for food, various activities, music, and even a firework show after the sun sets!

Local Colorado businesses run special deals for veterans to thank them for their service; a prime example of which would be Dumb Friends League. They have waived their adoption fees for all pets for military members on Veterans Day as a way to honor the armed forces. Parker has several activities to proudly honor the local veterans. At 11 a.m. today, a new flagpole, a gift from the Parker Rotary Club, was placed in O’Brien Park dedicated to veterans.

The future Titans of Cimarron Middle School know how important our veterans are as well. Each year they throw the biggest celebration for veterans, from the free breakfast to the music honoring them to the retelling of the battles in America’s past. “This needs to be better used in other places. Students need to know what the military does for us and all they sacrifice for us,” said Cimarron Principal Chris Zimmerman. “I can guarantee that this will inspire someone at Cimarron to become a part of the military.”

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