Clown Fiasco

The story of different clowns across the nation.

By Emily Johnson and Sam Johnson

In the past months, an unorthodox commodity has surfaced. Citizens of the United States have recorded sightings of strange people dressed as clowns, who have been seen across the nation. These clowns have been spotted near roads, houses, schools, cars, and stores. These sightings have occasionally turned into attacks, causing a lot of hysteria to go around.

However, some people see this as an insignificant occurrence that will vanish within a month. “The clown situation is unworthy of attention. It is just a bunch of dumb people trying to scare others for fun,” sophomore Sarah Laner said. She has seen a clown in downtown Parker, and thought that the situation was very nonsensical. Likely, these sightings will not continue to come to news.

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