What to Do with Your Day Off

A list of 15 things to do to seize the day.

By John Pacheco

Alright, it’s election day! For all you people 18 and up, that means voting time! For all of us 17 and younger kids, that means one thing . . . NO SCHOOL! But with the announcement of no school comes the agonizing question that has plagued mankind for generations: what do you want to do today? Never fret; here is a list of 15 things you can do to fill up that extra time you have and feel like you did something today, or any free day for that matter. So, call up your friends! Or, if you’re like me and none of your friends ever pick up when you call or text them, go on your own!

1. Go to the mall

This one is a really easy way to kill some time. Head over to the mall and just go shopping. You don’t actually have to buy anything, either. You can literally just go to walk around, look inside some of the shops, maybe get your steps in for the day, and then go home. Or, maybe you actually really needed to take your laptop into Microsoft or needed some pants. This lets you be able to get that done, yet still be able to have a good day. It helps to have at least one person with you for this one, but if you want ride solo, that’s cool too.

2. Go on a bike ride

It might be a little cold outside. Has that ever stopped you before? A bike ride is a very simple and cheap thing to do, plus it’s healthy. A win-win in my book. You could even go out for a run or a walk if you want to. You don’t have to bike. For a longer day, maybe try and go out a little farther, if you feel up to it. This is a great one to do either on your own or with a group.

3. Go to the park

The park is a great place to do everything. Bring a frisbee and play some catch. Bring a soccer ball and watch your less coordinated friends almost fall flat on their face trying to kick it. Bring a blanket and chill out with that special someone. If you’re at a park with a playground set, play some groundies or just see who can get through the playground the fastest. Even just swinging on the swings is a great pastime. So just call up some friends and tell them to meet you there.

4. Go see a movie

Any of the new movies catch your eye? Or maybe you just wanna see the new Marvel movie? Well, grab a friend and head to the movies. That is an easy way to spend two hours, and usually the movie is pretty good, too.

5. Head downtown

If you’ve got a car, or $5.00 for a light rail ticket, head downtown. There is so much to do down there, from going to the 16th Street Mall to going to see the capitol to even just visiting some of the campuses they have down there, just to get a look at the outside or to say hi to one of your friends that left to college. There is even the zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science down there, but those places will end up costing you extra.

6. Sleep

Enough said.

7. Play an instrument

Haven’t played that guitar sitting in your room in a while? Is your viola getting a little dusty? Today is the day to change that. Sit down and play a good song, or learn a new one. Invite some musical friends over, and start jammin’. You’ve got all day.

8. Read a book

If you got nothing else to do, sit down and read a good book. This is a great way to spend an hour. Time flies by if you actually like what you are reading.

9. Play a video game

Your parents are going to be really angry at me for telling you to do this one. If you don’t really wanna go outside and like the indoors, just turn on your favorite system and play. There are some games out there that you literally cannot put down after you start, like Fallout, so just pull one of those super epic totally awesome games out and see how far you can get. This is a great one for doing on your own. You can even play online with your friends and not have to worry about meeting up. Warning: parents do not like you spending the entire day inside (if you’re not doing homework). If you plan to play a videogame, make sure to try and spend at least an hour outside (or cleaning or doing homework) before doing so, or they will get angry.

10. Binge-watch

Must I say more? Warning: parents do not like you spending the entire day inside (if you’re not doing homework). If you plan to binge watch, make sure to try and spend at least an hour outside (or cleaning or doing homework) before doing so, or they will get angry.

11. Run some errands

They can’t all be fun. If you’ve been pushing off that trip to the bank or taking your car in to get the tires filled, today is the day to do it.

12. Homework (I’m sorry.)img_16711

Alright, you got a day off. If you’re like me, and push everything off to the last minute, take a day and get some stuff done. It doesn’t have to be all day, but you can still at least get one thing done. Or maybe it is an all day thing, because you have so many missing assignments, or all your teachers assigned homework Monday and they’re all due tonight. Whatever it is, this might be something to get done. And hey, if you get some of these done, your parents might be more lenient to do the ones above.

13. Clean

Does your room look like a pigsty? Is your laundry overflowing? Is your mom telling you to vacuum? Well, then today is your day to get it done. This is also a great thing to do to win over a yes for something else from your parents.

14. Cook

Some of us like this idea, others hate it. If you are in the experimental mood today, try making something new for lunch and/or dinner. Invite some friends over and have them try it. It is a great way to spend your time, and it usually tastes good too.

15. Spend some time with your family

Chances are with the giant workload from school and maybe your job, you haven’t talked to your family in a while. Hang out with them for a day. Anything above can be done with your family too. Play a video game with your siblings. Watch a show with your mom. You could even call up your grandparents to see how they are doing (that can be a two hour conversation, so just be ready). So spend some time with them.

That’s not all you can do today, either. If you think up something better to do, go do it! And remember, this is YOUR day. Do with it what YOU wish.

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