Advice On How To Be Successful In School

A way to get by.

By Sarah Abureesh and Maria Beaini
  1. PAY ATTENTION: Unless that streak has a timer next to it, it’s not worth it. That Twitter video isn’t worth it. That pool game isn’t worth it. Do you know what is worth it? Going and having the time of your life during summer and senior year. Do you know what you won’t be doing if you don’t pay attention? Exactly that.
  2. SOCIALIZE: Life is way more fun beyond your couch. Go get involved, go to any football game and you won’t regret it. Go and join a sport, act, sing, anything—just do something. Because who knows—your new best friend could be sitting next to you at the game.
  3. DO YOUR WORK: I know it’s not the most enjoyable thing but just do it. Because you don’t want to work your butt off all at one time to raise your grades and you DEFINITELY don’t want to have a group project. Then subsequently have someone throw you under the bus because they did everything and you didn’t.
  4. BE NICE: We get it you hate people, everyone does. But being nice could make someone’s day other than ruining it, then everyone will like
  5. EMBRACE YOUR WEIRDNESS: I can tell you that people won’t remember someone who just sits and class and talks to their friends, they’re gonna remember the person who wore a chicken to school for a week for no reason. Don’t be afraid to be you because that’s how you’ll remembered. Blending in is just boring.
  6. LEARN HOW TO STICK UP FOR YOURSELF: People are mean sometimes, but if you can roast someone in two seconds, no one will be mean.
  7. LIVE: Do whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy.

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