The Final Outcome

Legend takes the top spot in volleyball regionals.

By Jason Burke

Have you ever heard something so loud that inside your ears was a rumbling instead of the actual sound? Maybe it was at a concert or in a gymnasium. That rumbling, the distorted sounds of what you’re supposed to hear, is the sound of celebration.

On Nov. 5, our Lady Titans fought harder than they ever have, digging into depths they didn’t know they had, all to make Titan history. This year is the first year the Titan volleyball team has ever taken first place in regional competitions.IMG_1220.jpg

Many of the players were frightened at times, unsure if they were going to be able to pull it off.

“During our first match I was really scared. We lost the first two sets, we had just started playing, and were already on the verge of going home. But we came together as a team and pulled through, winning the next three sets,” senior Alyssa Brunner said.

However, that risky first match was just the beginning of their struggles.  

In the finals, the girls quickly took control, dominating the first two sets. But the Rampart Rams weren’t going to give up easily. The Titans struggled to stand their ground for the next two sets as the Rams took control of the game.

“It all came down to the last set, tensions were high, we were all exhausted. The thought of losing it after coming this far terrified us all,” Brunner said.

IMG_1355.jpgThe final set raged on, rally after rally. The two devoted teams exchanged points, slowly climbing to that oh-so desired 15.

The score came to a stunning 13 – 12. Titans were behind. The Rams toss the ball up, the serve comes across, and lands right in the net. 13 – 13. The Titans serve this time, it flies over the net, immediately returning to the Titans. An easy pass was made, the ball was set, and Brunner went in for the kill.

14 – 13, Titans in the lead. The ball is served, once again flying just over the net. However, the Rams are a little luckier this time. They go for a kill, and it seems to land. The Rams start to celebrate before they realize the Titans have set the ball. Brunner was back in the air, ready to deliver the final kill.  IMG_1435.jpg

“It was so amazing, and knowing that I scored the last two points made it worth the pain in the end,” she said

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