Everyone Sing Along


Legend’s first karaoke night is a success.

By John Pacheco

On Oct. 27, the Legend choir threw their first biannual karaoke night at the Deep Space art center on Main Street. It was a night full of excitement, smiles, laughter, and of course, singing. Oh, so much singing. Junior and VP of Choir Activities Aaliyah Shambe broke the ice, singing “Dream Lover” by Mariah Carey.

“I thought it was very fun,” sophomore Avery Rudman said. “I really like to sing and watch other people sing, and thought it would be a really cool thing to go do with all my friends.”

The night started off rather slow, with nerves being the main feeling in the air. But as the night progressed, people started letting loose, and ended up just having a good time. They even had to cut off the list of people singing because they ran out of time!

    The choir council were the ones who set this entire night up. They had the idea to “give kids the chance to get together outside of school to do something they like to do,” as choir teacher Mr. Kurt Stroman put it. The vice president of the council, senior Kyler Baxter, was the one that got into contact with the owner to use the space.

    Legend wasn’t the only school singing karaoke, either. The choir council had opened it up to none other than Chaparral High School.

    If you missed out on going this karaoke night, don’t fret, because there is still one more coming this spring. Overall, it looks like a lot of people had a good time that night, and will be looking forward to the next.


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