JV Team’s Tragic Loss

By  Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema

On Oct. 20, Legend’s JV soccer team played the Heritage Eagles in a tight head-to-head home game, losing 1-0. Heritage’s only goal came with a slight miscommunication with the referee and Legend’s team. Heritage took the ball from Legend, ran with it, and scored. When Heritage scored the goal, the referee never blew the whistle, causing chaos with both teams, parents, students, and fellow teachers. The game then continued with Heritage keeping the goal and Legend losing the game.

“I felt that we were really tough in how we played today,” sophomore Tanner Martin said. “I also feel that we can always make improvements and become stronger together as a team I also thought we became a lot closer in this game then in the past.” Martin felt that he did very well in this game, but he could improve in some areas, such as scoring and passing the ball to other teammates.

“You know what they say, you either win or you lose,” Martin said of their last game of the season. Despite the loss, the JV team finished the year with the respectable record of 6-6-3.


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