Falcons Crushed by Titans

How Legend took on and destroyed Highlands Ranch.

By Jason Burke


There’s a point to a struggle.  A reward in a time of sorrow.  A satisfaction in the brutalization of the enemy.  The lady Titans found that satisfaction, by overcoming the Highlands Ranch Falcons in the Oct. 17th volley ball game.

Our ladies took the Falcons for a crash landing in a brutal 2-0 victory, leaving no chance for Highlands Ranch to retake the game.  The girls were able to outsmart the Falcons, changing up plans and attacking patterns.

Titans are known for their strength, bravery, and ability to pinpoint their foe’s weaknesses.  Our Titans struck where the Falcons couldn’t reach, aimed their attacks at the girls who couldn’t handle a spike, and stood strong in the confidence of their team.

However, where the Falcons really had their wings clipped was in their communication.  Far too many balls were dropped and early celebrations were had to secure them any form of victory.  However, the Titans were strengthened because of their communication.  Every girl knew where to attack, how to attack, and when to attack.  The ball was always passed to the right setter and the set to the right attacker.

With these strengths, it was the Titans’ destiny to win.  Adding another victory to their books is only the beginning of these girls’ legacy.


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