Softball Hits It Out of the Ballpark


Legend Softball wins 6-0.

By Sam Johnson and John Pacheco

On Oct. 5th, the Legend Titan softball team had their senior ceremony and senior game against Ponderosa High School. They won by a landslide, destroying Ponderosa 6-1.

“The game was filled with a lot of emotion,” centerfield senior Jesse Smith said.

Since the beginning, the Titans had the lead, the score being 2-1 Legend by the third inning. They never gave in, and never gave Ponderosa a chance to come back. Their pitcher, senior Kailey Kumor, did not make it easy for the Mustangs to get to base, and the rest of the team made sure that they would not stay there for very long.

They weren’t out for themselves, either. They cheered for one another, helped each other out when they were feeling down, and had no trouble getting loud to support. Having this amazing spirit throughout the entire game, you could tell that they were having fun. You could also tell that this team is close, and are not afraid to show it.

“[My favorite moment] was when my name was called at the ceremony, and my friend [junior] Alyssa Nunn came up to me and started crying,” Smith said. “We’re not afraid to show our emotions to one another.”

With great pitching, great outfield playing, and  all around great spirit, Ponderosa never had a chance.


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