Freshmen Represent

Legend freshman football team destroys Boulder High School.

By Miranda House

Freshmen are the newcomers to high school. The goal is to try and earn the respect from upperclassmen and to adjust to the new lifestyle of Legend. During a battle on Oct. 1, between our Titans and Boulder High School, they have achieved that respect.

Keeping the streak of a 5-0 winning record, the boys are proud to represent Legend. Freshman Ricky Hilton’s favorite part of playing on the team is “winning and supporting the school.” Whenever your team can score a win, it provides a sense of confidence in your team, and brings respect to your school. The boys made a valiant effort and were rewarded with that win.

According to freshman Cameron Geiser, hitting hard, running the ball, and defense are the team’s strengths, which was evident during the Saturday game.

The team is led by three motivated coaches who have the loyalty and trust from the freshman team, and their loyalty to their leaders and the game was demonstrated in the clearest view. The motivation for this team was “to keep doing what we learn, and to keep doing what we love,” Hilton said. The boys crushed the opposing team, leaving Legend proud of our newcomers, and ready to see their growth in the following years to come.

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