A Jump. A Set. A Spike.

Freshman volleyball takes a win again Douglas County.

By Jason Burke


On Thursday, Sept. 29, our lady Titans took a commanding victory over the Douglas County Huskies, leaving them defeated in a final tally of two matches to zero.  This puts our Titans at a record of 4-3, once again proving that when they pull together and play, they’re unstoppable.

Even though the ladies did take the victory, it wasn’t an easy score.  In the first match, things were looking grim.  The Huskies had a lead over us 23-21, only needing two more points to close out the match.  Proving their Titan ways, the ladies fought for that victory in the first match, sending out starters Peyton Burke, Lia Bonnell, and Clara Hosman to finish out the game strong.  They ended the match with a final score of 25-23.

The girls learned from their mistakes in the first match, and made sure not to make them again in the second.  The Titans pulled together and gave the Huskies little room to score.  Our ladies closed out the second match with a comfortable lead of eight points.

“In the end it came down to teamwork.  We made a lot of mistakes in the first match that we just couldn’t afford to make again,” said freshman Peyton Burke. “Volleyball is a lot more complicated than people think.  It’s a lot of positions and specialties that people don’t know of.”

Outside hitters.  Middle hitters.  Right hitters.  The libero.  The setter.  They all work together to hold up the team.  With the outside being the most consistent attackers and the right hitters usually having the strongest attacks, they come together to form orders and attacks the other team won’t see coming.  The middles are usually the tallest girls on the team, blocking for every attack that the other team tries to make.  Every second touch should be made by the setter, who’s constantly forming an attack plan and choosing who is the best attacker for the situation.  The libero can also be referred to as the defensive specialist.

“They’re the best passers on the team.  They know who to give the ball to and when to give it to them,”  said Burke.

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