Forever and Always

Legend loses an extraordinary student and friend

By Kendall Napier and Brennan Petersen

Photo credit Legend SSN.

Patrick Zimmerman (Feb. 12, 2000 – Sept. 24, 2016) was a sweet, strong, and independent young man. He was born and raised in Colorado. One of Zimmerman’s favorite things to do was play lacrosse. He was a huge part of Unified lacrosse at Legend. Zimmerman loved Goldfish crackers, neon colors, and camouflage.

For many of Zimmerman’s friends and teachers, he will always be remembered through neon colors. “His personality was so bright, that when we wore the colors, it represented him as a person,” said senior ShaMari Scott.

Zimmerman’s legacy will live on through the memories people have of him. Coach and teacher Jeremy Dorr hopes that he can honor Zimmerman by creating an award for Unified lacrosse, which would also pass on Zimmerman’s memory. “Patrick taught me so much and put so much effort in everything,” said Dorr. “When he died, I lost a part of my heart. I am going to let his passing live through me.”

Zimmerman’s funeral service will be on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. at the Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Guests are welcome to wear camouflage or neon colors in memory of Zimmerman.

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