Where Legends Are Tested


The hard-fought battle between the Wolverines and the Titans.
By Tara Higgins

The Titans lost spectacularly to the Chaparral Wolverines 24-7 last night, breaking Legend’s undefeated streak. The game was a highly anticipated one, and Parker rivalries ran high throughout the night.

“I think this was a display of what happens when one team is able to run the ball and another team isn’t,” head coach Monte Thelen said of the team’s performance. Legend scored its first touchdown at the beginning of second quarter, while Chaparral scored three touchdowns, one halfway through the first quarter. The other two occurred in the fourth quarter.

“We had our fair share of mistakes,” senior cornerback Trey Hagler said. “Overall, I think we [the defense] played well for how long we were on the field, and we turned the ball over a few times.”

Varsity right guard junior Spencer MacDonald agrees. “Marc [Muma] and Zach [Hrovat] have been able to run the ball all year really well. When Chap took that away we turned into a one-dimensional team. That’s what beat us.”

The loss was somewhat offset by the always fun powder throw, which had Legend fans sporting blue and orange chalk stains for the second half of the game. The Titans’ support surely helped to rally our team to its fighting end.

“I think maybe we needed this [loss]. We’re definitely going to improve,” Hagler said. “Chaparral has played better teams than us, so it just makes us hungry to get a lot better.”

Aside from the greater appeal of high school football, last night’s game was accompanied with a greater goal. Both teams turned the night into a fundraiser for Officer Dan Brite, who was critically wounded on Sept. 3 just outside Sierra Middle School. Despite the crushing loss, the town of Parker banded together to support him and his family.

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