Dive in Deeper

A quick look into one of Legend’s newest (and slightly controversial) clubs, Philosophy Club.

By Henley Holland 


A new year spells new beginnings for Legend Titans, and the creation of Philosophy Club is no exception. With the help of Mr. Allen, a new teacher to the Legend family this year, Sophomore Alexandra Huff managed to finally create her idea of Philosophy Club. “I am expecting that kids delve into their souls and discover the answers to life’s most difficult questions,” said Allen of the club. With this club, students are able to delve into topics normally considered controversial or taboo, and freely discuss them without fear of judgment.

The first meeting, on Sept. 20 after school, drew a huge turnout, with over 60 kids showing up. Once everyone settled in, they went right into discussing the possibilities for Philosophy Club. Huff, the club manager, went on to share her idea of making the club a place for “peace, love, and positivity.” This is the first time Legend has had such a club, one where open minded thinking and unfiltered discussion is encouraged and even expected.

The club takes place every Wednesday after school from 3:20 to 4:20 in Mobile 10. “The cool thing about a philosophy club is that it can help kids find the wisdom necessary to overcome all sorts of adversity,” Allen says.

If you enjoy philosophy, or even just want a space where you can discuss your thoughts freely, this is a place now available for students to attend as they please.

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