Freshmen overcome the Lakewood Tigers in an intense volleyball game.

By Jason Burke


“Listen guys, you see that 22 up there? That’s not 22 points that they got, that’s 22 mistakes that we mades” said freshman Lia Bonnell in a team meeting after a risky turn of events in the first match.

This past Tuesday, our Lady Titans took on Lakewood Tigers in what turned out to be a very exciting match.  Our girls overcame the Tigers 2-0 with the score of the first match ending at 25 – 22, the second match at 25 – 15.  With a current record of 3 – 2, the freshman team is proving that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Complete with many great calls and some amazing volleys, Tuesday’s game was a true nail biter.  The Tigers started to form a comeback towards the end of the first match, scoring about five points before the Titans regained control.

“I feel we could have played a lot better during the first match.  We made a lot of dumb mistakes that the other team didn’t force on us.  But we definitely picked it up and performed much better during the second match, came together more as a team and worked together to win in the end,” said Bonnell.

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