Lighting Up Legend

Legend hosts its 4th annual bonfire.

By Zach Mellema


On Sept. 14, 2016, in honor of Homecoming week at Legend, Legend hosted its 4th annual bonfire. This extraordinary night was held at Legend’s football field. Before the bonfire started, students and staff members could enjoy, cornhole, powderpuff, highly priced food, the cheer team, marching band and finally the bonfire. “That this infact was not her first time and is her second time going,” said sophomore Madi Armstrong.

Armstrong was in the parade on the football float; she enjoyed hanging out with friends, and “wanted to enjoy the festivities of Homecoming week.” She also enjoyed watching the final game of powderpuff and the bonfire.

“It was different from last year because I had more friends to enjoy it with and I also didn’t know how fun and exciting it would be for Homecoming week,” said Armstrong.

All in all, the bonfire and BBQ was one of the highlights of the Homecoming week at Legend.

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