It’s That Time of Year

img_0653With early deadlines rolling around, seniors are scrambling to complete their first college applications.

By John Pacheco and Tara Higgins

It’s inevitable for every senior: each member of the Class of 2017 is preparing to apply for college. For many, the steps and processes are so complicated, students and families need a helping hand to get through it all. That’s where Legend’s Senior Application Night jumps in to give them a head start.

“Legend helps me prepare for college, especially with Naviance, and just being able to go find resources to help you out with applying to college,” senior Donovan McDowell said. And when it comes to choosing between public and private institutions, he isn’t alone in looking to specific admissions officers for aid.

Top-ranking Colorado schools sent representatives to give an overview of the admissions process and offer tips and tricks on everything from how to get the best scholarships to tips on writing the perfect essay.

“The scholarship session was especially helpful, since it gave new information like a website we didn’t know about, and also because some of the requirements [for them] are really simple, like getting an A in a class or taking an AP course,” senior Michael Cheisvili said.

The road ahead isn’t going to be an easy one, but for some attendees the night was a bit of a wake-up call that deadlines and essays are due so soon. However, the goal of the event was simply to help allay families’ fears and jump start students on their way to that first acceptance letter.

“This is a great program because we are able to talk more about differences between specific programs, since Colorado has a lot of really great college options of all sizes,” University of Denver representative Hannah Stone said.

“I feel that sometimes in the college admissions process, we get overlooked a little bit, but this [night] is a really great starting point for students.”

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