JV Tennis takes on Lakewood

Take a look at Legend’s synergized duo, Santiago Peralta and Darwyn Tran.

By Alec Thomas


Legend’s JV Tennis team faced Lakewood High School on Wednesday, Aug. 31 We take a look at one particular match, focusing on spirited juniors Santiago Peralta and Darwyn Tran.

“I felt pretty good, I thought we had some great shots with both Darwyn and myself. We both landed an ace in our match. An ace is pretty much where you land your serve in their court and they don’t  it back,” Peralta said.

Although the duo lost their match, they put up a strong fight against Lakewood, scoring a total of four sets to six.

“To win a set, you have to win at least six games. To win a game you have to score four points in intervals of 15, 30, 40, and then game point. Then since we play JV, you have to get six sets to win, but if you went to varsity, you’d see they only do three sets,” Tran said.

“We could also do better at server turns, when an opposing team serves a ball and we are
supposed to hit it back,” Peralta said.

While the season just began within the last weeks, the Titan pair feels they’re prepared for
the upcoming season.

“Actually we’re excited for tomorrow’s match, since we are playing Douglas County [High
School]. We are actually one of the three teams that are going to be playing,” Tran said.

What exactly is in the future for these two JV juniors? Will they continue in the future?

“Of course I plan to play it in senior year, and also in college and the rest of my life… maybe not as a career but just because it’s fun. For right now I want Darwyn and I to get to the top of the JV ladder,” Peralta said.

Just like every team, no matter the sport, there is always room for improvement.

“We need team bonding. We’re not a team yet, so with unity, it makes you comfortable and calm when your team is there to back you up,” Peralta said. “A team cheers their people on instead of sitting on the bench the entire match. A team should be a family.”

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