Ritter Roundball 2016 sees biggest turnout yet

By Kendall Napier


Sophomore John Eckdahl wears number 32 for the team Ave; he shoots and scores for another point. The team, a combination of some old basketball friends, “used to play basketball together at Ave Maria Catholic School and thought it would be fun to play in the tournament together,” according to Eckdahl. Making it into the final eight, he and his team were happy that they were able to support and be a part of the Ritter Roundball tournament.

The annual Ritter Roundball tournament had an amazing turnout yet again. Parents, friends, teammates, teachers, and even Titan alumni showed up to support the event, which was dedicated to Mr. Ritter, one of Legend’s very own teachers. He was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in 2010. Within a year, the school had lost a dear soul that will always be remembered.

Each year, in honor of Mr. Ritter’s leadership, hard work, and integrity, Legend always starts the year with the Ritter Roundball tournament in the hopes of showing how close of a family the we are.

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