Regarding Justice: The Problem with Batman v. Superman

by Jackson Davis

Last week, one of the biggest films in comic book and movie history was released. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film made 166 million $ on the first weekend, then dropped to 69.1 % on the 2nd weekend, only making $51.3 million. Word gets around quick. It has a current score of 29% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer out of 100. Critics are bashing the movie, calling it “a tiresome, ill-tempered film, and one too lazy even to earn its dismal outlook” (Christopher Orr, The Atlantic), stating that the movie was “underdeveloped, overlong, and stupendously dispiriting.” The fans of the comics are split on the film, calling it a grand spectacle. Others call it a complete failure.

Personally, I found the film to be inconsistent, but there were only three things that I liked in this film. The first positive aspect, Bruce Wayne and Alfred, the way they set up Batman in the first half hour was great. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons show great chemistry. Personally, I’m more excited for the Batman film than the next Superman movie. Even though in reality, Superman is a great character and can be done very well with the right ideas and writing. It’s just not well done here. The second positive is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. At first when I saw Gal Gadot in the trailers I was a bit cautious because she barely talked, but man does she give a strong performance as Wonder Woman. Third is the warehouse scene. This scene was one of the best directed action scenes. The scene looked like it was taken straight out of a comic with Batman-fighting criminals. The carnage and violence that was Batman in that scene was well shot and showed the brutality of the character.

The scenes are worth the price of admission, but you need to sit through a lot of dragging scenes. Jesse Eisenberg’s new take on Lex Luthor seemed more immature instead of charming and deceitful, like Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville. Lois Lane and Clark Kent are soooo boring to watch. Yes, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams are good actors, it’s just that the script is weak, and that gets to our next problem: David S. Goyer. Like Cavill and Adams, Goyer is respected in his field. It’s just that he’s not close with the source material and director Zack Snyder just wasn’t a man of his word. Batman in the comics and the previous films will do anything, but he doesn’t kill. In this movie, that’s one of the character’s biggest traits. He kills at least 50 people. I wanted to like this movie but it’s just boring, long, and the fight is like 10 minutes. I’m more upset with how much potential the movie had, but it just didn’t deliver. I would give it two stars for good acting and some great action scenes, though it underperforms based on the script and stale acting by some of the actors.

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