A High Schooler’s Guide to Prom

Prom can be a stressful time, but not if you follow this easy, care free guide.

by Madeleine Kriech

Prom is one of high school’s biggest events– the stereotypical dance, the epitome of a high school career. This year, prom is on April 22 at the Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur. With only two and a half weeks until prom, everyone better get crack-a-lackin on those plans.

Get a date, or not

If you are asking someone to prom, you need to do it soon, even if you’ve already talked about it. People like to know things are for sure so they can start to plan. So make your poster, buy some flowers or candy, and ask away. And girls, if you are waiting on someone to ask you, why not just ask them yourself? Boys can’t always do the work. Now, I understand that this is the twenty-first century and you don’t need a date to go to prom. If that’s the case, find your group. I understand that prom group drama can be irritating and confusing, but don’t let that get you down. Find a few “for sure” people you want to go with and stick with them. No matter who you go with, make sure to figure it out soon.

Acquire the appropriate attire

The clock is ticking to get your fancy on. Boys, you need to decide whether you are wearing a suit or a tux. Yes, a tux is more traditional, but dare to be different, right? As you’ve probably seen on Twitter, your fellow classmates are handing out a coupon for $40 off a tux. Take advantage of it! Save some money! Now girls, if you are going to wear a dress (If you prefer a tux too, go for it. Why let social standards keep you down?) you need to get to the store ASAP. Sizes and choices are running out. And if you are ordering it online, you need to purchase soon and leave time for needed alterations– same for you boys.

Dinner and Transportation

No matter the size of your group, you really should make reservations. It’s prom season and places fill up quickly. Talk to your group and decide what type of food everyone wants, then call them up and make a reservation. After you know where you are going, you need to know how you are getting there. Juniors, you might want to save that money and drive your own car. Seniors, why not go all out? Limo? Party bus? Why not? Just make sure you know how much it costs and are willing to spend that amount.

After all of this is complete, you’re pretty much good to go. There are a few little things to sort out, such as a picture destination, shoes, and accessories. Just make sure to enjoy yourself. And remember, don’t party too hard (or do).

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